Direct and indirect costs

Ayming is a company leader in the optimization of direct and indirect costs.

During its years of activity, Ayming has optimized different cost categories (raw materials, marketing, logistics, energy, professional services) with a common denominator based on its methodology .

Ayming methodology  is based on two different moments of the project

Phase 1: Diagnostic

The Diagnostic phase consists in the analysis of the organization and processes and in the identification of opportunities of improvement. During this phase our experts will deeply analyze the expenses  and they will interview all the stakeholders involved in the organization and processes.

Ayming will then identify needs, constraints and improvement opportunities and at the end of the analysis, Ayming experts will make a clear prioritization of opportunities based on potential benefits.

Phase 2:  Implementation

The implementation phase consist in an strategic assessment followed by an action plan.

Ayming will conduct a deep analysis of purchasing behaviors and we will identify and select optimization levers.

The project will continue with the definition of the purchasing strategy, the sourcing and scoring of potential suppliers, the request for information (RFI) and the request for quotations (RFQ) and it will end with the negotiation.

After the collection of the information, our experts will created a different optimization scenarios in order to give to our client a complete point of view  of the possible costs optimization.

The final step of the project is the contractualization and the monitoring of the new organization.