Corporate governance

Hervé Amar
President of Ayming

Hervé Amar holds a diploma in Business Management and Analysis. Formerly the Director General of F-Initiatives, he became Director of Innovation Funding at Ayming in 2001. He was named Director General in 2008, before becoming President of Ayming in January 2014.


Giovanni Grillo
International Managing Director for the Southern Region

After a Master's Degree in Engineering at the Ecole Centrale de Paris and Politecnico di Milano, Giovanni began his career in 1998 as an Associate and Manager at Corporate Value Associates. 

In 2002 he joined the Masaï group, and he founded the Italian branch.

In 2005 he was appointed Managing Partner of the Iberian Masaï and  head of international projects for the Aeronautical sector. In 2007, Giovanni was appointed Managing Director of LowendalMasaï Italy and Head of the Business Line Supply Chain Cost Optimization for the offices of Milan, Madrid and Barcelona.

In 2013 he was appointed Managing Director of Southern Europe.

In 2016 from the merger of Lowendalmasaï and Alma Consulting Group he was named International Managing Director for the Southern Region of Ayming.


Management Team

Katherine Wang
Country Manager

After a degree in business from Soochow University, in 1998 Katherine started her career in Nike Suzhou in the export department.

In 2002 Katherine entered The Home Depot Asia Sourcing Office where she worked for three years in the SQE department and for other three years in the sourcing department. 

In 2008, Katherine entered Lowendalmasai China and dedicated herself to sourcing consulting cost optimization projects. From Consultant fo Senior Consultant Katherine had the chance to consolidate her competences in sourcing and at the same time she worked close to the Country manager.

In 2015, Katherine was appointed Country Manager of Lowendalmasai China focusing on the management at financial and resources level. Currently Katherine maintains her role as the reference contact for clients and projects management.

In 2016 from the merger of LowendalMasaï and Alma Consulting Group  Katherine is putting more effort on developing Ayming China, on both business and team aspects.


Laurie Franquesa

After finishing her Master Thesis in Lean Manufacturing in 2012 and obtaining a double-degree as an Engineer from Arts& Metiers in France and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University,  Laurie joined Lowendalmasai as a Junior Consultant in the Purchasing Performance Department. 

Since 2012, Laurie has worked in more than 10 different sectors like electronic industry, building material industry, food industry or services. She has worked on more than 15 projects realizing purchasing spend diagnostic and action plan implementation, purchasing strategy and development of simulation tools. 

In 2015, Laurie was appointed as Senior Consultant and had the opportunity of developing her knowledge of the Lean-6 Sigma methodology by being certified Lean-6 Sigma Green Belt.

In 2016, with the union of Lowendalmasaï and Alma consulting group, under the new name of Ayming group, Laurie joined Ayming China as a Manager for developing the Operations Performance department with a focus on Operational Efficiency, Cost Performance and Supply Chain.


Katiuscia Terrazzani
Southern Region Director Operations Performance

After graduating in engineering  at the Politecnico di Milano, Katiuscia began her career in 1999 working for large multinationals such as Coca-Cola and Bosch in the Purchasing & Logistic.

In 2004 she passed to the operational advice BravoSolution, a provider of e-procurement solutions, where for four years, she hold as Project Manager in the Industry line.

In 2008 Katiuscia enters LowendalMasaï where she contributes to the development of the structure Supply Chain Cost Optimization in Milan.

In January 2014 she was appointed Director of the  Business Line Supply Chain Cost Optimization  for Southern Europe.

In 2016 from the merger of LowendalMasaï and Alma Consulting Group  she was named  Director of the Southern Region Business Line Operations Performance for Purchasing & Cost department of Ayming.


Laura Delgado
Southern Region Director Innovation Performance

Laura Delgado has a Bachelor degree in Industrial Engenier by Universidad Politecnica de Madrid. She worked in consultancy sector before to joining LowendalmasaÏ. In Lowendalmasaï, she has been Head of R&D Advisory department for Spain & Portugal, and in 2012 she was appointed Deputy Managing Director of this subsidiary. 

Since 2016, Laura is a Regional Director in Ayming as well as a member of International Management Committee Finance & Innovation Performance, and member of Steering Committee Southern Region.